Will Dalley

Also known as Sir William or Carpenter

Will Dalley was exposed to the Rogues at the Norman Medieval Faire in 2007. Watching such performances as The Dance and the Three Maroons, he decided to enter the melee as quick as possible. Will's first performance for Oklahoma Shakespeare In The Park preshow (Cyrano 2007) had him dying in a matter of seconds. He again portrayed a wharf character for the Scarlet Mid-Winter masked brawl and the Norman Medieval Faire (2008). Will expanded to the lead cardinal guard for The Three Musketeers (OSP 2008) due to the absence of Lee Amonson, and fell in love with
the German Long Sword for an OSP preshow heavy weapon fight with Charles Fagans. A rehearsal accident led to the creation of Quando Quando Quando which first saw light for Fall 2008 fight demonstrations, including the Deer Creek Madrigal Dinner where Sir William was introduced. 2009 showcased Will as Percephanie's guard in Morpheus in The Underworld, with 2010's rapier cloak three person fight (Norman Medieval Faire), long sword vs ax against Aaron Ervin (Norman, Missouri Renaissance Faire, Kings Champion Medieval Faire), and sword vs book (?) against Deeann Simpson (Missouri Renaissance Faire). Will has been known to transport all the troupe's equipment to the Rogues' various performances, spending precious sleep time to set up everything (by the light of headlights!), and still be the first person ready to perform the next day.

Action shot pictures down here... maybe pictures of different characters played.