Tara Muchmore

Her Roguish Highness, the Princess of Redlands

Tara Muchmore is an elementary school teacher who looks so innocent that no one would ever imagine her tossing grown men around with a smile and a dagger. However, that is exactly the persona that developed in 2006 for Real To Reel. Tara continued to mix ladylike looks with barbarian tendencies at the King Arthur Faire (2006), Scarlet Mid-Winter masked brawl (2007), Norman Medieval Faire (2007, 2008), Oklahoma Shakespeare In the Park (2007, 2008). Cast as the infamous Captain Ruthless [Ruth Leslie O'Hara] for the Scarlet Mid-Winter Faire 2008, she was unmasked at the
masked brawl and never looked back. 2009 saw her cut back her Rogue performances after the Norman Medieval Faire Morpheus In The Underworld; however, we are looking forward to her return in 2011.

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