Charles Fagans


Charles "Chas" Fagans found his life's passion at the age of 10 when he started fencing lessons at Redlands Fencing Center. While doing his competitive workout on Wednesday evenings, he observed the historical combat classes, eventually giving up his competitive saber for a long sword and a spear. Charles performed with the Twisted Blades at the Norman Medieval Faire, Oklahoma Renaissance Faire (Muskogee, OK), Oklahoma Shakespeare In the Park intermissions and the King Arthur Faire (Stroud, OK) in 2004. One of the
original Rogues, Charles performed consistently from 2005, earning fight captain honors and assistant instructor status in 2006. Some of Charles more memorable moments were as Cyrano in the battle melee (Oklahoma Shakespeare In The Park's preshow), a woad warrior (King Arthur Faire), shared duties as Orpheus (Norman Medieval Faire) to name just a few. A theatre arts major at the University of Central Oklahoma, Charles left the troupe in the Fall 2009 in order to concentrate on his studies; he continued performing as one of the Frontier City gun fighters Summer 2010. Charles has been known to wander into Redlands on a rehearsal night and can be "persuaded" to pick up a weapon for a little freeform training with the Rogues

Action shot pictures down here... maybe pictures of different characters played.