Blake Muchmore

Also known as Chester, half monkey half cabin boy

Blake Muchmore came to Redlands Fencing Center in order to learn the art of Olympic style fencing. After completing two of the three weapons programs, Blake decided that theatrical stage combat looked like fun so he switched. Taking the field for the first time at the Norman Medieval Fair in 2006, Blake made his mark at Real To Reel 2006 creating Chester the ship's monkey boy/cabin boy. He continued his special brand of innocence and sneaky at the King Arthur Faire (Stroud 2006), Scarlet's Mid-Winter Masked Brawl in 2007, Norman Medieval Faire (2007) and Oklahoma
Shakespeare in the Park preshows (2007); 2008 found him on stage at Scarlett's Mid-Winter masked brawl, the Pirate and the Princess (Norman Medieval Faire), and Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park preshow. Blake continues to perform and showed his weapons versatility during 2010 using rapier, dagger, quarterstaff and cutlass.

Action shot pictures down here... maybe pictures of different characters played.