Amanda Price-Amonson

Also known as the Lady Rowena Katherine, best known as Kate the Cursed

Amanda Price-Amonson was looking for an aerobic martial art when she and her husband, Lee Amonson, entered Redlands Fencing Center. Amanda started with Olympic fencing, earning her monituer coaching rating and teaching beginners. While doing her workout schedule for competitive saber, Amanda encouraged her cousin, Hannah Leggett, to give fencing a try. Hannah decided she preferred theatrical stage so Amanda picked it up as well. One of the original Rogues, Amanda took to the Norman Medieval Faire (2005) in an elegant
guise against Roger Brown and Joann Tubbs. She performed at the Oklahoma Renaissance Faire (Muskogee, OK 2005), Oklahoma Shakespeare In the Park intermissions (2005) and the King Arthur Faire (Stroud, OK 2005). Amanda gave up her competitive world and rushed full speed into performing with the Rogues. Amanda's penchant for the physical drew her to her pirate alterego starting with the Norman Medieval Faire in 2006. Amanda gave wonderful characters with Kate the Cursed (Real to Reel 2006), Scarlet Mid-Winter masked brawl 2007-2008, and Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park preshow 2008). In 2009, Amanda split stage duties with Deeann Simpson as Persephanie in Morpheus In The Underworld before stepping down due to pregnancy. She returned to the Norman Medieval Faire in 2010, with a fight that drew upon her martial arts background. Amanda and her husband, Lee, concluded 2010 with a very sexy sword tango (Kings Champion Faire, Tulsa, OK).

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