Aaron Ervin

Also known as Argus, our Scottish Chaucer

Aaron Ervin came to the Rogues in 2006 with his first performance as the assistant mercenary at the King Arthur Faire (Stroud, OK). Adroitly balancing his United States Air Force duties with the Rogues schedule, Aaron split stage time with Paul Harness at the Norman Medieval Faire in 2007, was a defeated wharf rat at the Scarlett Mid-Winter masked brawl in 2008, and earned his nickname as the Scottish Chaucer in 2008 with both his writing and his narrations. He ably stepped in when Teresa
McElroy was injured at Norman 2008, and has never looked back. Ending his enlistment with the USAF, Aaron was able to join the troupe full time in 2009 sharing the role of Morpheus and narrator at the Norman Medieval Faire with Charles Fagans in Morpheus in the Underworld, Izumicon in Mid West City, and showing a number of different weapons proficiency during all the Rogues performances in 2010.

Family obligations have forced Aaron to retire and we wish him well.